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In the year 2017, Canada made a change in its Citizen Act which proved revolutionary. The legislation changes allowed foreign nationals to apply for Canadian Citizenship and also made the process easier, and faster.

If you are willing to become a Canadian Citizen, you must submit your application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If your application qualifies the eligibility criteria, you must be called to appear in the citizenship test. It is a 30-minute test that one has to pass to become a Canadian Citizen. The IRCC offers due guidance to help the applicants pass the test and achieve their goals.

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Eligibility criteria for the Canadian citizenship test:

1- You must be 18 years or above.
2- You must present relevant proof of permanent residence in Canada along with immigration documents, photo identification, and passport. (All the proofs should be original.)
3- Present a transcript or diploma from post-secondary studies in English or French.
4- Pass a test of language from an approved test agency.
5- Achieve Canadian Level Benchmark 4 or higher and offer the proof.

In certain cases, an applicant may also be asked to appear for an interview with a citizenship judge. All the citizenship applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria and pass the test are then rewarded with Canadian Citizenship in a ceremony.

At Drake Immigration Solutions, we are here to answer your concerns and queries about the Canadian Citizenship Application. We have hands-on knowledge and experience of the process to offer you the right guidance and professional help.

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