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PR Card/ Citizenship

Permanent residents must have a valid permanent resident card (PR card) or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) to return to Canada by plane, train, bus or boat. Without one, you may not be able to board. Your PR card needs to be valid when you show it. ... You are still a permanent resident if your card expires.

How long is a PR card valid Canada?

Five Years

Most PR cards are valid for five years, but some are only valid for one year. The expiry date is printed on the card. When your PR card expires, you can't use it as a travel document. If your PR card will expire within six months, you should apply to renew your card.

How to apply for Canada PR?

1.Complete your Education credentials assessment (ECA)

2.Get the required IELTS score.

3.Create a profile for Express Entry and lodge your application the online pool.

4.Register with the Job Bank (optional).

5.Apply for Provincial Nomination program.

6.Receive your Invitation to Apply(ITA)

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