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To successfully sponsor a spouse, partner or child for Permanent Residence you must qualify as a sponsor. You must:

  Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident;
 Be at least 18 years old;.
 Live in Canada or if you are a citizen, then you must show that you plan to live in Canada when your sponsored relative becomes a Permanent Resident;
 Live in Canada or if you are a citizen, then you must show that you plan to live in Canada when your sponsored relative becomes a Permanent Resident;
 Be able to prove that you have enough income to provide basic needs of the person or people that you are sponsoring

You cannot be a sponsor if you:

 Were sponsored by a spouse or partner and became a Permanent Resident less than five years ago;
 Were sponsored by a previous spouse or partner and three years have not passed since this person became a Perment Resident;
 Are in default of a previous sponsorship undertaking;
 Are in the process of a bankruptcy proceeding;
 Receive social assistance for a reason other than a disability;
 Were convicted of a violent or sexual offence or are in jail;
 Are under a removal order; or
 Have already applied to sponsor your current spouse, partner or child and a decision has not yet been made.

If you are sponsoring a spouse or partner, the sponsored spouse must be at least 18 years old and the relationship must be a genuine one. If you are sponsoring a child, the child must be under ​22 years old and unmarried. If the child is older than ​22 years of age and dependent on the parent’s financial support because of a mental or physical condition, then that child may also qualify to be sponsored despite being older than 22 years of age. Once the sponsorship application is in process, sponsored family members over the age of 18 years old will need to submit police certificates and all family members will need to have a medical exam.

The Super Visa program allows parents & grandparents a short-lived Resident Visa (TRV) for a long-time visit. This permits them to get a multiple visit visa for up to 10 years. In some cases, parents/grandparents from a visa-exempt might also require a brilliant visa to remain for an extended duration of up to 2 years, betting on their nationality. the sole difference between the super visa and also the regular visit or visitor visa is that the allowed duration of stay.

On a visit visa, one can stay awake for 06 months whereas the super visa enables parents and grandparents to remain in Canada for up to 02 years in their every entry. Even sponsors will need to show proof of funds for a minimum of the last 12 months for an excellent visa. To sponsor a sibling to Canada, the sibling must be under 22 years old and their parents must be deceased, alternatively, they're passionate about parents and are 22 years old and unmarried and are a part of the parent & grandparent application provided by the sponsor is meeting the income requirements of as many persons.

However, this condition is often waived under certain circumstances like the sponsor having no other close relatives.

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