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If you aspire to work in Canada, it is important that you have the authorization to undertake any employment opportunities. Obtaining a work permit is often the first step towards immigration to the country permanently. If you do not have the right authorization and start a job in Canada, it can create a serious problem in your future immigration process.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is an option for individuals who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents to work in Canada. The Canadian government intends to fill the labour shortage in the market and hence offer temporary work permits

work permit

To qualify for the temporary Foreign Worker program, one must:

1- Obtain an employment offer from a Canadian employer.
2- Ensure admission in Canada. On criminal, medical or financial grounds certain individuals can be inadmissible in Canada.

The application for a temporary work permit must be submitted with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Temporary work permit is valid for a short period, usually for 1 year and is provided for working with a specific employer only.

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the process and apply for the temporary work permit application. The expert immigration consultants at Drake Immigration Solutions are well-learned to help you obtain employment with a Canadian employer and also in the process of applying for a Temporary work permit.

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