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Work While Studying

Work While studying program in Canada inculcates mentorship opportunities, an expanded network, responsibility towards work, and self-awareness in students. It enables them to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. Thus, contributing well for themselves and learning institutions.

Benefits of Work While Studying Program

Canada is considered by the UN as one of the 10 best countries to live, because of its excellent living conditions it is considered the 5th happiest country in the world.

  • You get a Paid job – Variable earnings on per hour basis
  • If burdened down by loan, working while studying can help pay out study loans.
  • Expansion of social and professional network along with harnessing of time management and prioritization skills.
  • Enhanced learning through work experience which showcases the ability to balance work with life.
  • Students with a humble background can get financial assistance and add work experience to the professional resume.

Requirements of Work While Studying Program in Canada

  • Students must belong to any one of the given programs – Undergraduate and Graduate
  • They can be hired for only one work study position
  • Non (Degree, Diploma or Certificate) students are not eligible for the program
  • Students will require a Social Insurance Number (SIN) before starting with the program

Work On Campus in Canada

Work on campus provides an opportunity for the students to work while they study in Canada. They can find part-time jobs within the premises and need not search beyond the campus. The students can apply for the job on their own campus and not any other campus.

Work Off Campus in Canada

The students here, have a plethora of opportunities outside the campus. Students and the employer both have to ensure that you can study off campus without a work permit. A study permit must particularly mention conditions and eligibility to work during studies. They can find the job of their choice with flexible timings.

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